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Quality Boston Terriers for Sale in Louisiana, Boston Terriers, Boston Terriers in Louisiana
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B O S T O N S  on  the  B A Y O U
B O S T O N S  on  the  B A Y O U
Where Bostons Rule!
          Louisiana Pistol Pepper 
Louisiana Stormie on the Bayou 
 Pralines Cooking on the Bayou
JohnLee's Louisiana Bayou Roux
Strikin It Rich on the Bayou 
Louisiana HFK Bayou Ginger  
 Located on beautiful Bayou Boeuf in Lecompte, Louisiana

       Please contact for more information on stud service, reserving a puppy, future litters or 
being placed on our Bostons on the Bayou waiting list.  

Grand Champion​

 Hickory Hills Dancin on the Bayou
     CH JohnLee's Sympatico V Hickory Hill 
Sad To Say - Temporarily Closed
                                    BUT . . .

My Bostons on the Bayou 
Holiday & Every Day Cookbook

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