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         GCH Hickory Hills Dancin' on the Bayou                                               CH Pralines Cooking on the Bayou
B O S T O N S  on  the  B A Y O U
B O S T O N S  on  the  B A Y O U
Where Bostons Rule!
                            Bostons on the Bayou        Wanda Bowman       318-623-5915              Lecompte, Louisiana       Copyright 2007
     2017 Due to illness I have had to close my Bostons on the Bayou kennel. I am still the owner of 3 champions and my beloved Pepper and Stormie. 
           If you are seeking a new puppy or retired adult Boston, I can refer you to other quality Boston Terrier kennels. Feel free to call me at 318-623-5915.

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